I go, I come back

So, yes, I disappared. At the beginning of November I joined NaNoWriMo, and tried to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. Failed miserably but did hit a personal best of just over 28,000 words.

Then over the past week I was preparing for my first craft fair, which I then went to yesterday (Saturday).

Got there and found I had been shoved in to the social club room with three other people, the main hall had all the other stalls. Apparantly they normally opened up some bigger doors between the two but when they went to set the hall up last night they found that the the doors were blocked by the social club so they couldn't open them and so we were slightly stranded. They put up big signs but FFS who generally reads such things?

So it didn't look like it would go well. I managed to get everything set up within 40 minutes and then sat there with my bead kit and made a few more earrings, and went over the polymer clay ones I made over a year ago so the little loops in the headpins were much smaller (I've definitely improved :D) while I waited for the whole thing to start. I was sharing my room with a charity stall, someone who makes their own honey, and a brother and sister that were selling "collectibles" (not good enough to be antique, too good for a car boot sale). Some other stall holders drifted in from the other room, and when they saw my jewellery mentioned that there were 6 other jewellery sellers out there!

But I managed to sell a decent amount. Two girls from the charity stall bought earrings, and then other people wandered in. Everything I sold was under a fiver, most were around the 3 pound mark. I sold 4 cards (need to buy more letter stickers as I had a few "Don't suppose you have an "I" one as my sister is Imogen, but I didn't have any with me), 3 phone charms (heart ones with crystals), a bag charm my Mum made, and 8 pairs of earrings. None of the bracelets were sold but I don't mind :D

So overall I have got back my table cost, my lunch, the box of Celebrations I bought so I could offer them to people, and the bacon roll I bought, and then with the decent amount on top of that I reckon I have also got back my petrol and all my bead costs for the stuff I took along.

Mum and my eldest little sister came to visit and Mum said that the other jewellery out there did not look that great, some of it was quite expensive, others looked a bit gaudy, and some just looked a bit odd (one person I noticed was selling bracelets with quite large square glass beads and small crystals and it just didn't look right). I probably would have made more if I had been in the main room XD

All in all, a nice day, even though I left early due to the lack of people towards the end, and I'm very happy that I managed to sell more than one thing!

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