IWTIMH- Study Part 1

This is the second to last section of my “I Want That In My Home” series. All there’s left after the study is the bathroom. So clearly I’m going to need to find something new to blog about XD

So as you can probably guess, I’ve moved on to the study/home office. Since I hope to be self employed by the end of the year this is a subject that’s very close to my heart. I just hope that I’ve managed to get everything you would normally find in a study.

The first thing we need is furniture, and no study can possibly be called a study unless it has a desk.


This gorgeous desk is “French inspired” desk is from ShabbyChicFairytale, a lovely south California Etsy shop. The shop has a range of beautiful chic furniture, most of them in a similar French inspired style.


This chair may not match the desk but I love the colours! The frame is vintage while the upholstery is, obviously, more recent. This is straight from ReclaimTheThrone, and most of the shop is all about things you can sit on! Along with more chairs there’s also a settee, footstools and a pillow or two.

You then need something on your wall to help you keep track of time, especially if, like me, you constantly misplace your watch and never switch on your mobile phone.


I went for this clock because I love the shade of pink, and the pattern. It’s called “Hummingbird Vines” and is from KonaInteriors. This shop is all about clocks, in a huge variety of patterns and colours, mostly wall clocks but a few desk clocks (they come with a little stand to rest on) and there’s even a plate clock! If you’re looking for something new to stick on your wall, definitely check out this shop.

And then your desk needs a little colour, and if you have a computer on it then that colour can come from a mousemat!


This funky mousemat was created by GilmoreCreations. This shop has a selection of beautiful items in modern colours, there’s also some fabric hairbands, ribbon keyrings and leather hair accessories, so definitely have a look!

And that’s it for today. Part two of the study will be up on Wednesday!

IWTIMH- Bedroom Part 2

Welcome to Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a good week :D I’m currently catching up on CSI episodes.

So on to Bedroom part 2 of the “I Want That In My Home” series. We managed to get the usual things, bed, bedsheets and cushions out the way, now we need the little details to really make it cosy.

And the first thing every girl needs in her bedroom is something soft to cuddle.


This gorgeously soft-looking bear is a from the home of ClareBear. Her shop is all about handmade cuddlies, along with other soft furry bears in various fur colours from chocolate, to grey, and biscuit, she also makes sock bears. Sock bears are a little less fuzzy but three times more colourful, especially the dotty sock one! And if you can’t quite justify buying a whole bear, she also sells little felt bear keyrings!

If you’re anything like me then you like having photos of family and friends around the place, and you need nice frames to put your photos in.


This lovely pale blue frame is by tadworks, and I love the colours! Her shop has several more photo frames in other colours including a lovely bold “dots and lines” pattern, and she also sells “desktop companions” (I also want one of these for my desk) and cute phone charms, lots of little things to compliment your things.


This stunning jewellery box comes straight from Mosabox, their shop has a wide selection carved boxes with mosaic decoration, as well as a mirror and some lovely antique bits as well. Judging from one of the feedback comments this seller is in Syria, but they state in their listings that they ship via DHL, so you won’t need to wait for months until your item reaches you.


And finally you need something nice to go on your carpet to brighten up the floor. This fantastically coloured rug is made from a huge selection of felt balls! The creator, Krita, has a variety of felt things, including loose felt balls for your own projects!

And there we have my bedroom wishlist! On Sunday I will probably be moving on to the bathroom. Or a study. I haven’t quite decided yet XD See you then!

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