Where has T&C gone?

So those of you that read this blog and check out my Etsy shop may have noticed that A) I've stopped updating and B) my Etsy shop is in vacation mode.

This is because of 2 things:

1. I launched my "main" business back in April, doing ancient history presentations and artefact handling for schools. The preparation and marketing for this has, naturally, taken up all of my time.

2. I did a craft fair back in May at my local village fair and sold quite a lot. Not only did this decimate my stock but it also led me to wonder why I wasn't selling on Etsy when there were clearly people interested in my work, so I decided to take a break and have a think.

So basically it's a combination of no time and needing to do a lot of work. Jewellery making is a hobby but it's still a hobby that I'd like to see become successful in it's own right. I've learned a lot from my ancient history stuff, experience that I'm going to put towards Trinkets & Charms in the future.

I decided to put my Etsy shop in vacation mode to let listings of the items currently for sale expire, and so I didn't need to worry about checking for sales. I'm currently working on a proper business plan for it, because even though it's a hobby I do need to get ideas down on paper, and then I can start working on rebuilding my whole shop.

I'm hoping to be back in September, depending on various things going on over the summer. If I'm not back by then I'll hopefully remember to come and post an update here XD

In the mean time you can always follow the blog for my ancient history stuff, which covers Etsy as I'm planning on selling some things in the "educational" section over there (at the moment it mostly covers Zazzle as I'm selling ancient history-themed designs over there), my blog is here:


See you soon! :)

- Katie
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