4th Featured Crafter!

Okay, this week it is actually on time!

This week I am bringing to you jewellery! And very awesome, complicated-looking jewellery at that!

So say hello to Aranwen! I originally found her Deviantart page while hunting for things to add to my favourites. She's Greek, currently located in the ancient city of Athens. Her jewellery has a lovely gothic look, with cameo brooches, chokers, and earrings to make any Goth want to blow their entire pay packet then and there.


This is the piece on DA that caught my eye and I think you can see why. This is a gorgeous watch/cuff made using silver plated brass. Despite being stuck to the cuff the watch inners are still accessible so a jeweller can replace the battery when it eventually wears out. The cuff part is also stamped on either side and there is a little key underneath the heart shaped watch piece, making it both romantic and elegant.


And here we have a lovely necklace made with silver plated brass and a lovely piece of blue sodalite. I love the shape of the wings around the blue centre, the colour of the sodalite goes really well with the silver of the piece around it. This piece has sold but she also has a lovely red one and a black one still available.

Making each piece takes a week according to the creator of these lovely pieces. She uses stampings and findings, starting with a base and building the whole thing up layer by layer, the glue that secures it all together takes 24 hours to dry so a very complicated piece could easily take longer than a week to put together.

And remarkably, she simply compiles the pieces that she thinks will match well! So that's no sketching out the design before hand, she just gets up and goes! I wish I could do that with my jewellery XD

And now you must all check out her Etsy shop to see the rest of her lovely jewellery (I highly recommend you check out the cameos).

Delay to Featured Crafter

This weeks Featured Crafter spot is delayed, because I sent some questions to my chosen person yesterday because I am silly, so haven't heard back from them yet XD Note to self: Prepare in advance.

Instead I have some fantastic news of my own. I SOLD MY FIRST ITEM ON ETSY!

I sold a pair of czech glass flower earrings, the lilac and olive ones. You should have heard my shriek of joy when I saw it XD

So I have spent today making a little "thank you for buying" card and on Tuesday I will be popping the little package in the post (I can't post it tomorrow as I'm at work all day).

Taken nearly a year XD I suspect, although I'm still unsure, if the buyer found me via LuvHandmade.com, but I think this is the case as the timing is too coincidental.

Dad is cooking dinner today as it is Mother's Day. And I'm now going to find more featured sellers for the next few weeks so I can ask them questions about their items well ahead of time XD

OMG Front Page!

OMG! I'm on the front page of a website called LuvHandmade!

I replied to a post in the Etsy forums but I thought I was late in my reply :( but apparantly not!

So go check it out, and the other fabulous sellers that they are also featuring :D

3rd Featured Crafter!

Okay, I completely forgot about this last week XD surprise surprise.

But I have got a real treat for you guys to make up for this! I have added a new DeviantArt account to display my jewellery on and as a result have recently been browsing the other photos in the Artisan Crafts section, where I found this week's crafter!

ChaeyAhne an artist from the USA, who along with drawing, also makes the most gorgeous feather quill pens! She uses different types of feather, such as white goose and swan, along with beads, crystals, gemstones and fine handspun threads.

I honestly have no idea how long it takes her to make each one but at a guess I'd say several hours at the very least. The attention to detail in each one makes them completely exquisite, all you would have to do is pick one up to feel like a proper writer, especially around NaNoWriMo time.


This one is my absolute favourite because I LOVE that shade of blue. It is made with a vintage millinary feather, with hand painted gold decoration and crystals along the center.


And I simply had to include this one because it was the one that caught my eye! This one has been made with a vintage goose quill with mute swan and dove feathers added. The little blue-violet decoration up the feather itself is simply exquisite and really makes the whole thing stand out.

Sadly ChaeyAhne doesn't have an Etsy site, but she does have her own online shop with a large number of these gorgeous pens, I highly recommend you all check them out!

2nd Featured Crafter

Since joining Etsy I have seen quite a lot those "scrabble tile" pendants around. They always look lovely, although I tend to be a tad put off by the fact that they're made using scrabble tiles because who wants a letter on the back of their pendant? My necklace flips around all the time and I'd rather had it looking blank than showing something that could confuse, and that doesn't look very nice.

So you can imagine how thrilled I am to find someone that doesn't use scrabble tiles, but still makes beautiful pendants! While posting on Etsy I came across Vibedesigns.

Located in Sydney, Vibedesigns makes round and long rectangular pendants using an acrylic base to which she adds paper and then covers it with a layer of resin to make it shiny. Once it is all finished she attaches it to a silver chain, and it's ready to be sold. In total making each pendant takes an hour but the resin requires a full day to dry properly, that's a long wait, if it was me I'd be constantly running back to check if it was done yet XD


I love the shade of blue in this pendant, it's so bright and cheerful that I don't think it could help but make you smile whenever you put it on, and the flowers give it a delicate, graceful touch.


As for this pendant, found under the title "Indian Dreams", the mixture of soft shades of pink with the cool splash of blue from the flower would make it the perfect accessory for summer parties and barbeques.

Her shop link is above and she also has a blog, I highly recommend you check out both ^_^

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