Delay to Featured Crafter

This weeks Featured Crafter spot is delayed, because I sent some questions to my chosen person yesterday because I am silly, so haven't heard back from them yet XD Note to self: Prepare in advance.

Instead I have some fantastic news of my own. I SOLD MY FIRST ITEM ON ETSY!

I sold a pair of czech glass flower earrings, the lilac and olive ones. You should have heard my shriek of joy when I saw it XD

So I have spent today making a little "thank you for buying" card and on Tuesday I will be popping the little package in the post (I can't post it tomorrow as I'm at work all day).

Taken nearly a year XD I suspect, although I'm still unsure, if the buyer found me via, but I think this is the case as the timing is too coincidental.

Dad is cooking dinner today as it is Mother's Day. And I'm now going to find more featured sellers for the next few weeks so I can ask them questions about their items well ahead of time XD


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