I've moved!

I realised this morning that I never actually came back to this blog :( I haven't restarted the jewellery, it's a saturated market and I'm just not good enough to be able to make a living out of it. The ancient history business didn't go well at all either (spot a pattern here? XD) and back in Easter I got a full time job in the civil service and moved to London!

I have however opened up a new Etsy shop for vintage books. It's called The Bibliophile and it's had a few sales :D I'm slowly but surely uploading more stuff as and when photographs get done.

And to go with the new shop I opened up a new blog, called The British Bibliophile. It's very similar to Trinkets and Charms so if you missed my random posts you are more than welcome to follow me over there!

I may come back one day and relaunch T&C with some different products, or find the time to properly develop my jewellery, but for the time being The Bibliophile is getting my attention.

Thank you everyone that followed me, I hope you're all well!

~ Katie


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Trinkets and Charms was set up by Katie, a graduate student of Ancient History who lives in England. She makes jewellery and cards in her spare time, and has a steadily growing bead collection.