8th Featured Crafter!

Today's featured crafter is not an Etsian. I found her through the wonderful world of DeviantArt. I tend to go for a browse in the Artisan Crafts section and when I spotted her photos I just had to start stalking her on DA, and feature her here.

Helen1988 is a baker and cake decorator! And you won't find any cake wrecks here (small pimp of one of my favourite blogs thrown in for good measure) because everything she puts up is simply stunning!


Yes, that IS a wedding cake. And if it was my wedding cake I would be the happiest bride in the world. This is referred to as a "simple little cake", if that's simple I'd hate to see complicated. The flowers and blue ribbon are all made of fondant and the flowery decoration is made out of modelling chocolate, and yes that is a monogram "A" on the front, painted on (if it was chocolate it would probably fall to pieces).


I love this cake simply because of the blue colour XD The title is "Sweet Sixteen Cake" so I'm going to take a guess that this was a birthday cake. Iced with teal buttercream (I think my thighs just doubled in size at the thought of all those calories) and chocolate modeling stuff for the decoration. The bow on top is made from chocolate. Yes, that is a giant chocolate bow on top, if someone could buy me one for my birthday I would be very happy.


And last but certainly not least, an awesome laptop cake! This is another wedding cake, apparantly for the wedding of two people who met on the dating site Eharmony. The picture is fondant (yes, fondant, not paint, not felt tip pen, but actual fondant). The screen itself is foam (I'm assuming this means it couldn't be eaten?) but the laptop base and the keyboard are all proper cake, and look at the detail! Even the keys are labelled! (To see a large version check out the proper deviation and click on the picture to make it larger).

While helen1988 is not an Etsian she is on DA and she also has her own website, Cake Me I'm Yours!, which has even more photos of her amazing creations!

Go check her out and be prepared to end up hungry!


Burning Moon said...

Those photos and cakes are gorgeous I must go look at more.

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Sacred Herbals said...

What a beautiful cake! Thanks for sharing.

Nevita said...

I haven't seen such beautiful cakes. They are so great. I wish to have one for my daughter first birthday

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