And finally

Last bracelet and earring pair has gone up today, now I need to buy more beads before I make and list more jewellery XD



I also managed to land me a Treasury! I was planning on a theme around the upcoming Bonfire Night (we're not big Halloween fans in the UK, instead we love the bloke that tried to blow up Parliament), but then just as I was browsing Etsy a news item popped up on TV, today is the start of the Poppy Appeal here in the UK. The poppies are made by injured servicemen and women, and the money goes towards helping them, and the families and dependants of soldiers that don't come back alive. Chuck a few coins in the pot and you get a little paper poppy. I always end up buying several as I lose the first one I get XD I must remember to take a safety pin with me as well as the normal pins they give tend to stab me.

Anyway, I chose to change my Treasury theme, from a nutter with gunpowder, to poppies. And here is the result:

To continue the normal theme of entries, I'm currently watching Futurama.

I'm on a bit of a card making spree at the moment. I made 5 yesterday, all of which are being sent to various people from an LJ community I'm part of. Then I've made two today, this time to sell. They have a letter on so you can buy a "B" for Beth, or "H" for Hannah, got more letters left so I'll be making a few more at some point ^_^


Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

Wow the earrings and bracelet are both so cute.. Great work.

Cindy said...

Beautiful set together! Great job!

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