So this year I am planning on making Christmas cards. I have only been card making for 6 months so this is proving to be an interesting challenge.

I am using clear rubber stamps as that is a medium I've wanted to get in to for a long time, if only clear stamp sets weren't so expensive XD

The other day I hand stamped 79 images and since then I have been colouring them in using Whispers brush markers. The brush markers are nice but there isn't much room for subtle shading.

So last night I tried colouring in a few mittens and socks with my colouring pencils and managed to get some of them looking very nice. Still doesn't quite work with the socks but the gloves look very nice. Not quite sure where to progress from here, either do some batches of cards with pencil colouring and some with pen and have seperate packs for each or have mixed packs where some cards are pencil colour and some are pen.

Decisions, decisions.


Cindy said...

You have a nice start on your blog. Would be interesting to see your cards.

Trinkets and Charms said...

They'll be up eventually Cindy, need to finish them off first XD

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