This morning started off slowly. Sat down at the dining room table with my beads and couldn't settle on something to make. Top Gear was on, again (I watch a lot of Top Gear in case you can't tell) , and I was half watching that and just playing with the beads. I've got some dyed pearly beads in a lovely soft pink and blu-ish green but they're all incredibly irregular in size and shape and I couldn't find any that matched enough for me to make earrings with.

But then I dug out my glass pearls and made two pairs of earrings, one each to match the bracelets I made. I was about to do the same for my shell bead bracelets and then I realised I only had three spacer beads left XD I could use seed beads but then they won't match the bracelets. So I'll have to check how much is in my paypal account and then go on Ebay and buy some more.

My Dad is going to take the photos of my new items on Sunday and then I'll be uploading them over 3 or 4 days. Might do one on Monday night after work, depends on how long it takes me to resize them and the like. Which reminds me, I need to get the Photoshop disc off my Dad and reinstall it on this laptop.

We're going to the circus on Sunday afternoon. Me, Dad, and my sisters, my brother will be at work and Mum doesn't like circuses so neither of them are going.

Not sure what to do this afternoon. Might make some birthday cards.

For those of you wondering why I work in the dining room, instead of my room, it's because my room is very small, very cramped, and very dark. It used to be my brother's room and my Mum painted it a dark-ish blue for him when he moved in to it. Then when I left for university we swapped rooms. 4 years on and I still have the same blue on the walls. The window is a small skylight in the ceiling, and one of the walls has a weird wooden window thing that actually just goes in to the corridor, when this house was built it only had two bedrooms but it was extended at one point by a previous family and rather than brick up the old window they just took out the glass and replaced it with a pair of shutters.

Anyway, it doesn't get much natural light and what light it does get itsn't exactly reflected by the colour of the walls. My desk is an old fold-out wallpaper table that sags a bit in the middle and it really only there to keep all the stuff I used regularly off the floor, or out of the boxes that now reside under said desk. So I tend to work in the dining room where we have a big solid table and big windows and it's nice and light.

When I'm in a financial position that allows me to look for a flat I am definitely going to be looking for one that has a room I can use for crafting. And I'm going to buy a proper table/desk for it.


kim* said...

cute shop!

your star earrings are adorable...

have fun at the circus :)

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