Changes are coming

It's a Friday, that means it's blog time!

So, I have next week off work, and because I won't have to take a day to mentally recover from a 9 hour Monday shift and then take another day to mentally prepare myself for the 9 hour Monday shift, I will suddenly have a whole week of time on my hands!

I am going to put this to good use and re-do my Etsy shop. New banner, new icon, hopefully some new items once my Dad gets his camera out. I have completely run out of sterling silver ear wires and gift boxes so I am going to re-stock, and I am going to go through my craft fair box and make sure everything that I want listed on Etsy is already up there.

I am also going to be opening a shop on Folksy! There are a lot of jewellery sellers there as well but I think that with my prices in pounds rather than dollars I can attract some more customers.

In fact I have a list of 24 things to do during my week off! There are a lot of little jobs that I have been putting off recently, so this is the week to get them done!

But the best bit is on Monday I am going to go to Cambridge with my favourite book (Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris) and go to a tea shop to have a cup of tea and a nice cake and just sit and be English. Oh, and on Thursday I am returning to my university so see my old friends and once again walk on campus. I do miss Royal Holloway a lot, those 4 years were the best of my life. If I could afford it I would be doing a PhD right now.

Right, off to work!


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