Wow! 6 Followers!

Apparently there are 6 people watching this blog o.o *Waves* Hello watchers!

This is quite possibly the first blog I have ever had where the people reading it aren't my friends from school/university but are in fact total strangers who are watching me because they presumably like my writing style, or my pictures, or are just waiting to see if I snap one day and crack someone over the head :D

So since none of you know me I thought I would let you all in on some interesting facts about myself.

I am one of those odd people that is fascinated by the ancient world. When I was 9 my primary school held a Roman day, we made our own dresses and togas and had a day playing and it was a lot of fun, I learnt my first latin words, sinistra and dextra, left and right, which was also the first time that I heard about left handed people being thought of as "evil" back in times gone by (I myself am left handed). If I had never taken part in that day I may have ended up studying "modern" history, but instead I have followed the ancient world all the Master's level!

I am the eldest of 4 children, my brother was born when I was 5, then my eldest little sister came along when I was 12 and my youngest little sister followed when I was 14. Very big age gaps but I wouldn't swap any of them for the world (well, I might swap my brother, but not my sisters).

I broke my wrist a few days before my 11th birthday, I slipped over ice skating and all my weight went on one hand, which broke the largest bone in my wrist (the smaller of the two bones on the other hand was fine!).

I got in to jewellery making entirely by accident. In the summer before my MA I had a job that was meant to last for 3 months, but me and another 2/3rds of the team were let go after 2 weeks and by then there were no other summer jobs left. I was browsing eBay when I stumbled on the beads section and thought "I could make something pretty with some of these". Made quite a few mistakes at first but once I borrowed a book from the library things became a LOT easier.

When I make things I am either watching TV (Top Gear or The Simpsons for preference) or listening to Metallica or The Killers.

I have green eyes, I wear glasses, my left eye is short sighted with an astigmatism, my right eye has near perfect vision XD I have brown hair, I have never had a proper hairstyle, I just grow it until I get fed up and have it cut back up to above my shoulders. It spends most of it's time in a ponytail.

And that's it because you're all going to get bored if I go on much longer :D

I've tried sorting out my "desk" today. My desk is actually an old wallpaper table that sags in the middle, there's another desk outside my room that I also use as that's less rickety. In fact the wallpaper table just holds stuff that would normally go on the floor XD Mum says it will have to go soon but after going through everything today I can't get rid of it yet, I'm going to need to get some more boxes or something to put things in, or some of those plastic drawers that can be tucked away in a corner of the room.

Hmm, decisions decisions, tidying tidying, anything to stop my Mum nagging ;)


Gaston Studio said...

Anchient History, wow. I lived in Egypt for about 8 years and really loved it. You should go there!

Gaston Studio said...

...or maybe ancient would be better as well as more coffee!

Trinkets and Charms said...

A friend of mine that did archaeology went to Egypt and loved it. I have yet to go there myself, I'm not good with hot weather so that doesn't help XD

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