New Listings!

I added two new items to my shop, one yesterday and one today, and then I've got two more left, one which will go up tomorrow and the other which will go up on Saturday, and then I have a pile of 8 things for my Dad to photograph so I can upload them as well.

Yesterday I added these earrings:

Made with czech glass and swarovski crystals.

And then today I added these:

Made with pearls and shell beads.

Today I am returning to my old university, going to spend the evening with the Anime society before crashing on a friend's floor. And then tomorrow I will hopefully be printing off copies of my BA and MA dissertations and binding them as I never got my copies back from the examiners :( I'd like a hard copy of each one that I can treasure, so that's tomorrows aim!

I will be back tomorrow evening!


Gaston Studio said...

Love the Jeweled Flower. Hint: use the link tool so that people can just click on the text and get to your images/site. Makes it easier and you'll get more clicks.

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